Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

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Penis Enlargement Exercises

The answer is yes, given enough time, a certain level of determination and use of proper technique, penis exercises can be used to increase the penis size. As we mentioned before, penis exercises have a dramatically improved effect when used in conjunction with a pill or patch, but can be used with some success alone as well. This is because without the increased blood flow, expedited cell reproduction and muscle stimulation incited by use of a supplement, muscle and tissue growth in the penis is quite slow. There are many different techniques and penis exercises that you can choose to undertake. The three we discuss here are jelqing, weight hanging and clamping.

How And Why Do Penis Exercises Work?

Two simple reasons:

  1. By constantly stretching out the skin, while also working the muscles in the penis you can over time cause the tissue to expand and the muscles inside to grow. This is the exact same principal as weight work which increases muscle mass, and cardiovascular exercise which increases lung capacity. The body responds directly to stimulation by building where it experiences regular exertion.
  2. In combination with a supplement, jelqing helps to increase the regular blood flow to the penis. The spongy erectile tissue within the corporus cavernosa reacts to higher blood volume by expanding larger when an erection occurs, letting in more blood. This means a bigger, harder erection.

Jelqing – What Is It And How It Works

Jelqing is thought to date back to almost 5,000 years ago and was practiced by various Arabic and African nations. It was allegedly a method that was passed down from father to son to enhance one’s sex life and increase penis size. Also known as “milking” this method involves taking the penis at the base with an “OK” grip and pulling outward. Stretching with an even pressure on all sides is key and working the penis at various angles helps to correct penis curvature as well as ensuring an even growth. To learn the basic technique of jelqing (there are a few variations, see our Penis Exercise Programs page.

Is Penis Enlargement By Weight Hanging Possible?

Weight hanging is thought to be the oldest natural penis enlargement exercise known. Hieroglyphs from ancient Egypt show pharaohs with objects hung from their penis for days at a time to lengthen their penis and increase their sexual prowess. The idea is to adapt the tissues of the penis to constant stretching so that they gradually lengthen over time. As you keep increasing your weights, the tissues of the organ will expand, loosen up and hang lower. We consider weight hanging to be an unnecessarily risky method of penis exercise.  There are several documented cases of tissue tearing, surface cuts, bruising, damage to the vas deferens as well as difficulty with erection, a misshapen penis or deformation. While it certainly works for some men, we recommend sticking with jelqing or one of the five stretching exercises outlined on Penis Exercise Program page. Safety is thereby guaranteed, and results show steady gains via these exercise methods.

Natural Penis Enlargement With Clamping

Clamping involves using a device such as a string or a cock ring to trap blood into the penis thereby prolonging erection. The idea here is, if you keep the penis engorged with blood it expands over time with continuous usage.
The benefits of using cock rings also include:

  • Longer, harder erections
  • Better control of ejaculations
  • Better, stronger and more intense orgasms
  • More control over erection and ejaculation
  • Can lead to increased penis size over time

At this point we have yet to do extensive enough studies of our own to determine whether or not clamping can be considered 100% safe and effective. For this reason we recommend these stretching exercises, but can say that clamping is certainly a popular method that has seen support among experts, specifically for it’s ability to help ejaculation control and longer erections.

Conclusions About Penis Exercises

Of the three natural penis enlargement method, we recommend jelqing as part of your regime. Both weight hanging and clamping have been shown to carry risks that we feel are unnecessary. Beyond jelqing there are kegels for ejaculation control and improved orgasms as well as these 5 penis exercises that involve stretching the penis, and have proven results with absolutely no risk involved.

Penis exercises can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it properly. I recommend you visit the following website. Their step-by-step DVD explains how to do it right, and succeed.


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