Do Penis Extenders Work?

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Penis enlargement extenders

Do penis extenders work? As a natural way to enhance your penis size, the penis enlargement extender can be an excellent option to consider. The penis extender is a device designed to naturally lengthen the penis with time and is considered a leading natural penis enlargement method.

The device works by exerting a slight and constant force to stretch the penis over the course of several hours each day. While the penis extender is still a relatively new device, it has been shown to work well in various medical research studies. The penis extender can be an excellent choice of penis enlargement by itself or in combination with another treatment method.

How Penis Enlargement Extenders Work

Penis enlargement extenders work by exerting consistent force on the penis over a long period of time. The steady stretching breaks down tissue in the penis over time. The body reacts by regenerating the tissue, larger this time, to respond to the force. A secondary function of stretching is allowing more blood to flow into the penis which is a well documented way of both allowing for larger erections but also causing permanent cell growth within the penis.

Penis stretching has permanent results because it causing cellular regenerations—the body actually does the work to enlarge the penis. It works exactly the way that women from Burma traditionally lengthened their neck by adding new ornamental rings over time to slowly expand the neck until it is extraordinarily long. The effects are permanent, but these effects can only be achieved with consistent, long-term use of the penis extender.

Medical Research Supporting Penis Enlargement Extenders

According to Live Science, The British Journal of Urology’s recently underwent tests to discover if a popular penis extender worked to enhance penis size. According to their results, men gained 32% to the length of their penis, or 0.9 inches when flaccid. While it took nearly 6 months to yield such results, the results are extremely promising for those looking for a safe and natural remedy to enhance their penis size. The penis enlargement extender was also found to increase erection size and function, and has been touted by medical professionals as an effective treatment for Peyronie’s disease (or penis curvature) as well.

Another earlier study undertaken in 2002 by the International Journal Of Impotence Research found that using a penis extender can actually increase penis size and even increases penis size relative to the amount of time the extender is worn, meaning, the longer you wear it the larger you will become.

How To Use The Penis Extender

*Note, these are only general directions. Please read the full list of instructions provided by your specific penis extender.

  1. Know your exact size and girth going into the process so you can track your exact changes in measurement
  2. Place the extender on your penis. Stretch it to the maximum length your penis naturally allows it. This should be a length that is completely comfortable to your penis.
  3. Now stretch the penis extender one click longer. You should feel slight pulling, but nothing painful. You should always stop and take the device off if you feel any pain whatsoever. Consult with your doctor if you feel any pain.
  4. You need to be using the extender for at least 1 hour a day, but can use the device for up to 12 hours a day for faster results. I personally recommend starting off by using the device for an hour a day, and gradually building up to the 3-4 hour range.
  5. Make a chart and track your changes once a week to see all progress.

Penis Extenders: A Conclusion

Penis extenders are a natural, effective and safe way of increasing your penis and improving your sexual well-being. The penis extender is a natural penis enlargement method which has been shown in research to increase penis size, help with erectile dysfunction and also help correct penis curvature. The penis enlargement extender requires a long-term commitment of at least 5-6 months but has shown permanent results in increasing penis size in medical research. If you are interested in how to make your penis bigger without using pills, the penis extender is an excellent, all natural option worth pursuing.


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