How Do Penis Patches Work?

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How Do Penis Patches Work?

How do penis patches work?  While the penis patch is the newest natural method to be added to the penis enlargement possibilities, patches themselves are certainly not a new method of delivering medication. We consider it an extremely promising method. Just like the nicotine, birth control or weight loss patch, a formula within the patch is slowly released into the skin by absorption throughout the day. In the case of the penis patch a herbal formula, oftentimes identical to that found in the penis pill works to increase blood flow, encourage cell growth and work the muscles in the penis.

Benefits of Penis Patches

The penis patch is almost identical to the penis pill except for a few key differences. The pill is an oral method of administering medication, and must pass through the body’s digestive system. The penis patch is a square-shaped bandage which sticks to the skin and sends medication directly into your bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. Usually the body is not able to completely absorb all of the ingredients fully, with many passing through the digestive system. In terms of simply getting the desired formula into the bloodstream, using patches rather than a pill is generally considered a more effective method of delivery. This is because drug delivery is released slowly and continuously instead of all at once, like the pill. Therefore, delivery of the drugs is more controlled and constant.

Many people like the penis patch for the simple reason that once you have applied it to your skin, you can forget about it. Yet it continues to work.  If your patch is meant to be changed once a day, you can put it on in the morning and forget about it.

Possible Negatives About Natural Penis Enlargement With Patches

There are also some negatives to consider to using the penis patch as your natural penis enlargement treatment . For one thing, the penis patch only comes in one standard pinky peach color. If you do not have this skin tone, your patch will stand out considerably. Most people choose to place their patch in an inconspicuous area, such as the shoulder blade, lower back or even on the butt. But if you choose to go to the beach or expose the area of skin you have decided to place the patch on, it could lead to embarrassing questions and explanations.

Also, although you only need to apply the patch and leave it on your skin for the directed amount of time, there is a chance that the patch or just part of the patch can fall off. Showering, sports and swimming can all possibly cause the patch to lose some adhesion. So while wearing the patch is certainly more convenient than remembering to take pills every day, constant vigilance is required so that the patch stays firmly attached to the skin.

Can I Use Both Penis Pills And Penis Patches Together?

The answer is no, penis patches and penis pills are not meant to be used together. You need to choose one or the other. Taking both together will not increase the results you achieve. We certainly recommend, however, using a combination of either penis pills or patches, with penis extenders and/or penis exercises.

Conclusions About The Penis Patch

Penis patches are still relatively new to the market. While they are only beginning to be formally evaluated by medical research, it is a product with great promise and potential that is highly worth considering. There are both benefits and negatives to the penis patch, but the most important thing is that is a guaranteed safe method, with no known health risks and has been shown to reap significant growth for men who use it.


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