How to Make Your Penis Bigger

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This site was created as a resource to explain how to make your penis bigger safely and effectively. Many men do not realize that penis enlargement can be easily obtained through various safe, natural and affordable methods.  The following options are amongst the most popular and effective penis enlargement methods available.

Penis Enlargement Pills

Penis enhancement pills are a natural, safe and effective way to obtain a bigger penis. Penis pills can be chemical or herbal and usually take a few months to take effect.  They are very popular and very easy to use. In penis pills section I analyse the most popular products available online and how to make your penis bigger using pills.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are effective tools for penis enlargement. They work by stretching the penile tissues in an even, regular manner.  The tissues that are stretched become capable of holding more blood as there is more space in the corpora cavernosa. Stretching also promotes the creation of new penile tissue.  Stretching usually takes about 6 months for real, lasting effects to take hold.

Penis Enlargement Patches

Penis patches are effective tools that work in very much the same way as penis pills. The only difference is, rather than orally ingesting pills daily, a patch is worn over a prolonged period of time.  This patch releases supplements into the bloodstream in a sustained, even manner.  This option is excellent for men who have stomach problems (and may experience nausea from penis pills).

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises work by stretching the penis and increasing its blood flow capacity. This process is similar to that of the penis extender however the effects are achieved manually, without the use of tools.  Regular penis exercise can achieve long-term penis growth.

Penis Surgery

Penis surgery is an expensive and risky penis enlargement option. Possible side effects include permanent scar tissue, inability to achieve and maintain and erection, and general dissatisfaction. While the gains in size are not extremely impressive (0.7-1.2 inches), the benefit of this process is that it is immediate. This potentially harmful process should be highly considered before chosen.

Getting Past Average Penis Size

Many men are insecure about the size of their penis.  This is why this site exists.  I want men to be happy and confident in their sexual lives.  For men with undersized penises, average penis size is just a preliminary goal.  By exploring penis enlargement techniques such as penis pills, penis extenders, penis patches, and stretching, men can gain real, lasting penis growth.  If you’ve been wondering how to make your penis bigger, you have come to the right place.

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