Penis Exercises = Enlargement

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Penis Exercises

If you’re looking for a way to naturally increase the size of your penis, penis enlargement exercises are an excellent method when used in combination with a pill, patch or stretching device. You will find that penis exercises dramatically improve the results of any penis enlargement method.

Penis exercises have been used for thousands of years by various traditional tribes around the world, specifically in Western Africa, and in parts of the Middle East to increase penis size. Contrary to the common perception, the idea of achieving a larger penis did not only occur to men of this century for the first time.  Indeed it is a long standing tradition, and has been a concern of men for millennia.

Still to this day, there is no better way to improve the results of a penis enlargement product then by doing regular exercises along with it, which brings us to the question Does Jelqing Work?

Do Penis Exercises Work?

Yes.  While doing only the exercises without taking a supplement (penis pills) would work terribly slowly, in combination with a pill or penis enlargement patch, exercises can make a huge impact.  Consider it like weight training—if you were to only take a supplement and not work the muscles, wouldn’t your growth be slow?

Penis exercises were developed thousands of years ago and have been used by men around the world ever since. In recent years, the advent of effective penis pills and enlargement devices (penis extenders) has dramatically improved the effectiveness of these same exercises. These days, to answer the question do penis exercises work?, the experts will say, absolutely, but that must be qualified. The effectiveness of a dedicated penis exercise regime is increased ten fold by daily use of a penis pill, patch or traction device.

Penis enlargement exercises can be time consuming, physically intensive and require a huge amount of personal conviction and determination to reach your goal. They also can cause great physical damage to the penis if not done properly, as with any other exercise regimen. Following a recognized exercise program is recommended to avoid achieving lopsided gains or worse, damage to the penis. Penis exercises do work, and will increase your overall size.

What Are The Basic Exercises To Make Your Penis Bigger?

Jelqing, weight hanging and clamping are the best known penis exercises, but we recommend a series of stretching exercises that are both effective and risk free. Go to the Penis Exercise Programs page to read about jelqing, weight hanging and clamping in greater detail and the risks associated with each. In our exercise tutorials we take you through the most common stretching exercises including a brief history, what each exercise entails and what to watch out for when undertaking a particular exercise.

The three most effect exercises to make your penis bigger are: jelqing, weight hanging, and clamping. These are only 3 of some of the most common penis enlargement exercises available for increasing penis size. When it comes to penis enlargement exercises, a lot of them may sound intimidating, strange, or even dangerous at first, but ease in, and over time they become easier and yield impressive results.  It’s worth it.

Penis exercises can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it properly. We recommend you visit the following website. Their step-by-step guide explains how to do it right, and succeed.

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