Penis Size Chart

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Penis Size Chart

See how you measure up against the average penis size in fifteen different countries around the world by using this medically researched penis size chart. The chart takes the results from massive studies undergone in fifteen different countries to determine the average size of men’s members from a cross-section of society. It will aid in determining a goal for penis enlargement by providing a realistic size to shoot for that is not based on rumor or locker room talk. The actual average size of men’s penises is often subject to exaggeration and a touch of mythology thanks to the fact that it is not often talked about in public except in jest.

We recommend that all men currently working on a penis enlargement routine use the size chart on a regular basis to consult and update their current size with their goal. It can be a wonderful tool for keeping on track and working toward your goal.


United States 12.9 cm
5 inches
8.8 cm
3 .4 inches
Wesseells H., Lue T., McAicnich J.
Germany 14.48 cm 5.6 inches Dr. Gunther Hagler, Urologist
Spain 13.58 cm
5.3 inches
Dr. Javier Ruiz Romero
Tres Torres Clinic, Barcelona
France 16 cm
6.2 inches
12 cm
4.7 inches
Bouchet A., Cuilleret J.
13 cm
5.1 inches
8 cm
3.1 inches
Japanese Journal of Sexology
Brazil 12.4 cm
4.8 inches
Dr. Paulo Palma, Urologist.
Carlos da Ros, Claudio Teloken
Italy 15 cm
5.9 inches
10 cm
3.9 inches
Dr. Jamal Salhi, Italian Andrology Society
Dr. Carpenito Ambulatori, Andrologist
Venezuela 12.7 cm
5 inches
9.5 cm
3.7 inches
“Penile dimensions in Venezuelan Population”
Domingo Luciani Hospital, Urlogy Unit
Mexico 14.9 cm
5.87 inches
Dr. Francisco Ordonez
Lifestyles Condom Co, Cancun, Mexico
Grece 12.18 cm
4.8 inches
Dr. Spyropoulos E. et coll
Veterans Naval Hospital, Athens
India 10.2 cm
4 inches
“The Jacobus Survey”
Saudi Arabia 12.4 cm
4.8 inches
Dr. Mohamed Habos.
Masculine Genitals Behavior and Disease Clinic
Chile 14 cm
5.5 inches
Dr. Eduardo Pino, Urologist/Andrologist.
Colombia 13.9 cm
5.4 inches
8.95 cm
3.5 inches
Acuna A., Villalba J. and
Juan Carlos Villalba.
A. Saio Clinic, Bogota.
South Korea 9.6 cm
3.7 inches
6.9 cm
2.7 inches
Hwancheol Son
Hanjoon Lee Jung-Sik Huh
Soo Kim & Jae-Seung Paick
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