Free Natural Penis Enlargement For A Bigger Penis

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Free Natural Penis Enlargement

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to achieve a bigger penis both naturally and without paying any money.  By leading a healthy life that includes regular exercise (including penis exercises), healthy eating, and no smoking, you can increase penis size and feel better about yourself.  Free natural penis enlargement is a holistic means of self-improvement.

Quitting Smoking Means A Bigger Penis

Quitting smoking is one of the most direct ways that men can help increase their penis size.  The recent study from the Boston University School of Medicine has shown that men who smoke have shorter erections.  This means that their erect penis size is smaller.  Smoking has a negative impact on the flow of blood to the penis, meaning that smokers have a more difficult time getting blood flow to the penis and gaining erections.

In addition to this there is some evidence showing that smoking causes damage to the penile tissue which makes it less elastic and able to stretch. Aside from many other detriments to your health, smoking also leads to reduced endurance and stamina as well as a lowered sperm count and damaged sperm.

Losing Weight As A Form Of Natural Penis Enlargement

Weight loss can make your penis look larger.  Access weight around the lower abdomen can obscure the penis.  Losing weight is an easy way to gain perceived penis size. Also in addition to having your penis look smaller, overweight men are considerably more likely to have problems with sex drive, desire, performance or all three even.

According to a study done by Duke University, those who are overweight also have less blood flow to the penis which leads to erectile disorder and impotence. Losing weight is perhaps the best free natural penis enlargement advice you can get. Not only will your penis look better and perform better but you will get a variety of other health benefits as well as improved mood. Research has shown that men who walked just 2 miles a day (or 2.3 km a day) had nearly half the rate of erectile problems as their non-active counterparts.

Free Natural Penis Enlargement Conclusions

The penis is actually considered to be the barometer of overall male health. Problems with the penis often indicate other serious health problems present in an individual. If you’ve ever had the desire to quit smoking or shed some pounds, nothing is a better incentive than getting a bigger looking, better performing penis. With so much research showing how bad smoking and being overweight are for the health of your penis, isn’t it time you did something to change that?

If you’re unhappy with your penis size and you’re an overweight smoker, guess what? You have the ability to enhance your size and performance through natural penis enlargement methods. By being overweight and being a smoker you are actually working against yourself and the overall health of your body and penis. If you recognize these problems, it’s time to speak to your doctor and a nutritionist about a healthier lifestyle.

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