Penis Enlargement Patches

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Penis Enlargement Patches

At the time being the penis enlargement patch is relatively new, and there is less qualified, informative data available about this product than the pill. However, the patch is commonly manufactured by companies who also make pills and use precisely the same formula. For this reason, whether you choose the penis enlargement pill or patch the decision is mostly about which method of ingestion you prefer. We can safely recommend the penis patch as a safe and effective method of penis enlargement.

How Do Penis Patches Work

The idea of using a patch is not new. From nicotine patches to birth control patches to weight loss patches, medicinal patches are a standard, recognized form of delivering drugs. A chemical, or in this case herbal, formula is released at a steady stream into the blood by absorption through the skin. The penis patch is relatively new to the field of penis enhancement, but if you’re familiar with a nicotine patch, it works in precisely the same way. For a further explanation as to  “how penis patches work” follow the link.

Our Penis Enlargement Patch Review

When it comes to penis patches, they’re certainly not all made alike. Just like any other method of treatment such as penis pills traction devices (penis extenders), there are various products of varying qualities. Many use different ingredients and have dramatically different results and product promises.

Penis Patch Conclusions

While the penis enlargement patch may be relatively new to the program, it is a safe, healthy and all natural penis enlargement method. What it comes down to is your preferred method of ingestion. Many companies offer both a pill and a penis patch that differ in ingredients only minutely. Some prefer to swallow a pill, some to wear the patch. Some argue that the higher concentration of ingredients in the patch make it the superior method, which is yet to be clinically proven, but certainly has some evidence behind it.

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