Penis Enlargement Surgery

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When considering penis enlargement surgery, it’s important to know all of the facts before even thinking about such an expensive, high risk procedure. There are many penis enlargement techniques that can help you achieve a bigger penis size. In this section we will discuss penis surgery – a fairly new, fairly risky and extremely unstudied procedure. We will discuss the four most common procedures and what exactly happens during these penis enlargement surgeries. Please note that when considering penis enlargement surgery, that no major medical organization has approved this surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Method #1- Suspensory Ligament Lengthening

The penis is connected to the pelvic bone by the suspensory ligament.  A portion of the penis is hidden in the body by the suspensory ligament. Cutting this ligament releases the penis and more of the shaft becomes visible (in theory). The penis becomes “longer” and more of it hangs down. One of the problems with this surgery is that the ligament could possibly reattach itself, so you may need to attach weights or stretching devices to the penis daily to permanently lengthen it. Another problem with the suspensory ligament surgery is that it can repositions the penis and cause it to become erect at odd angles.

A Bigger Penis With Method # 2 – Real Penile Lengthening

Real penile lengthening (i.e., lengthening of corporal bodies vs. ligamentolysis) takes liposuction of the pubic area and redistributes the skin on the pubic area. This surgery is highly problematic for a few reasons: there is a high risk of losing the ability to have an erection and is usually only done for those with erectile dysfunction or with Peyronies syndrome (curved penis syndrome). This surgery only promises visible lengthening results in obese patients and those with different penis deformities in the penis skin where the penis is covered.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Method #3 – Fat Injections & Fat Implants

This penis surgery is used to expand the girth or the width of the penis. Fat is suctioned for another body part (usually the abdomen or buttocks) and injected into the penis. Sometimes fat is taken and directly grafted to the shaft of the penis. Sometimes grafting fat in this way results in clumping and doesn’t look smooth at all. Also, fat is added to the base of the penis. The head of the penis cannot be enlarged and can look disproportionately small after such a procedure. Most urologists will not perform this penis enhancement operation unless there are perceived therapeutic benefits to doing so. According to Mayo Clinic, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) considers putting fat into the penis of unknown benefit and of unknown safety.

A Bigger Penis Method #4 – Penis Implants

This is a completely irreversible surgery meant for men with total impotence. Semi-flexible plastic bars or prosthesis is inserted in the corpora cavernosa. This method is used mostly as therapy for totally impotent men. Along with an implanted pump in the groin, an erection can be achieved by hand whenever desired. An erection can also be maintained for as long as desired as well.

Conclusion To Penis Enlargement Surgery Techniques

There are many risks to consider when deciding to undergo penis enhancement surgery and it is uncertain whether these risks are equal to the benefits. For more information about all of the risks, rewards and leading medical opinions about penis enlargement surgery, please consult the “Permanent Penis Enlargement” page.

We recommend natural methods over surgery

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